by Mean Messiah

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Scumbag I only have high praise for this album! Of course the highest praise I can give is that Mean Messiah has clearly been influenced by Strapping Young Lad!! A definite MUST own for SYL disciples and fans of all angry, heavy-as-Hell, head thrashing, life-affirming METAL! Favorite track: The Last Ride.
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Debut album


released July 22, 2013

Dan Friml - All instruments
Produced, performed, mixed by Dan Friml




Mean Messiah Prague, Czech Republic

Mean Messiah is a band founded by musician and producer Dan Friml, former member of Sebastian, Apostasy and many more metal and non-metal projects and bands.
Mean Messiah music could be described as a mixture of industrial thrash and death metal with some progressive influences.
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Track Name: Temple of Hell
Pain comes up
Hell's rising underneath the soul
Blood red sand
Embraces broken bones
All world's love you feel
Makes you sick

Find a way out of body
Follow the light
Kill the pain from God's will you can't stand anymore
Ignorance hurts deep inside
He doesn't give a shit
Prayers for mercy can't be heard
And now Hell's risen

Mesmerized eyes won't see the bliss
Won't see the happiness crawling through veins
Giving the shadows right to die

God said: Suffer!
God said: Live!

Rain comes down on you
Washed all hope away
Slips through your fingers
One less reason to stay

Cold smile of Mother Mary on someone else's grave
Makes you scream for silence but nobody hears you

Mesmerized eyes won't see the bliss
Won't see the happiness crawling through veins
Salvation comes through the body of Christ
Suffering for the love of God

An abomination in the eyes of the blind
Is your liberation from the pain inside

Suffer and pray
God fails through your pain
Leaving legacy for humanity
Track Name: King Pathetic
Kneel down, I come!

Riding a dead horse
Still something remains
I reach the secret place
Found by a mistake
A higher power leads me
Still I'm out of my way
Voice deep inside my head
Forced me to stay

Nails in my flesh rust
I bleed, I can't breathe as I lay
Paralyzed at your feet
My time stands still
I want to know that I feel what you feel
I raise my face up
Give me a sign that you're here

I feel your love
I rise higher
I lead your way, follow me

I see no positive future at all
Asking the questions, no anwers, no word
Feeling your dark soul of no regret
Thank you for nothing
My blood still runs red

I feel your power, I speak your word
I ate your body, I breathe your soul
I drink your blood, I wear your skin
I'm King Pathetic, I'm King of Kings
Kneel down!

Here I come (Revelation)
Here I am (Fascination)
Turn your face upon me
I'm the King of Glory
Take my hand - follow me
I'm your guide
I lead your way
Track Name: Spiritual Resolution
One man, mind wreck
One cross for a dying spirit
Love child never born
No grave for a sleeping soul

One decision, now or never
Some will laugh and one will suffer
But no one sees the desperation
Slowly rising deep inside of soul

One way of no return
Souls burn in Hell
Twisted mental void
Is rising up to higher level
Breaking through the isolation
Spiritual resolution tears the body into pieces
Feeds the pain and all thoughts fell astray

Oh my god
I beg you
No one else will understand
No one else can heal the pain

I don't hear you
Your lies taste like a shotgun in my mouth
You swallow apologies that should be said
I feel better
I'm lying on the graveyard of the damned
I, saviour
I'm dying for your sins
You know I pray
But god hates you
I pray but god hates everyone
Track Name: The Death Song
Death walks in
You see the picture of the life you lived
It's nothing more than a distant memory
The way just ends now
You see the other side
You feel the cold
Take the step to leave this world

Rest in peace
Your eyes are closed
Rain falls down on your grave
Your life has fell into obscurity
And I feel the demons rise again

Death confirms the unimportance of your last words
Now you stand at the gates of the underworld
And I feel the demons rise again

Life fades into the past with no future
No time left and no one's crying
Life turns into the dust
I won't miss you but
Devil takes you on hell of a ride

Death walks in
Your fame and fortune went away
Stand face to face
With your demons and your God
And wait, and pray
For never ending love and peace
God knows your sins
You feel forgiveness is on the way
But I feel the demons rise again

Die, die - Hell's waiting
Ride fast and lose the bright side of your soul
Hell fire burns your whole life

Fear of death hurts
It suffocates you
God feels your pain
He loves a lot of blood

Hell awaits you
Close your eyes and take a ride
Devil's lurking around the corner of your mind
Hell awaits you
Track Name: The Last Ride
Join us, we ride - I am your companion
It's a magic ride
Destination: Surprise!
I am here for your satisfaction
You're gonna be screaming in euphoria

Hey, this is the last ride
This is the wild ride
This is the end
This is the end of everything

Ride in joy on the Devil's rollercoaster
Fear no fate, rejoice
Scream aloud no matter what
I take you away
To the place where no one's lost
I drive you down
We're riding straight to the Hell

You reached the end
You're gone forever
We will take care of your fucking life
Now you feel better
And God is gone
He left this place and so we remain

...and now you know it's gone
You know it's time to go
We all go to Hell

I'm your light - I shine down on you
I'm your angel
I am your messiah
Your destiny
Your temptation
Your everything
Watch out! You never know!

Take a look in the mirror
See the work of the devil
Listen to his word
Beware of what you really do sacrifice
Face it, the end is near, you know
The curtain goes down

I'll show you my secrets
I'm here to wake up your demons inside
Release them before they fuck up your mind:
“Master! We bow to your glory! Save us!“

The evil was born
Follow me, I rule the Earth
I create everything you're dying for
I became the King of the Universe
Say a prayer before you ride!
Say a prayer before you die!
Track Name: The Game
You play the game that you can't win
Evil gets deeper under your skin
You see red and rage clouds your mind
Don't bite the hand that holds your life
You're just a puppet, you can't see
The real world throught dead eyes

You're six feet under, closer to Hell
Your soul is gone, your body remained
Black angel holds you paralyzed
This game is over - Dust to dust
There is no heaven for the good
We fade away into the nothingness we were born from

Dark power drags you back to Hell
Demons rise up - you just lost the game
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Welcome back to Hell, welcome back home

When darkness falls upon the cross
There is no forgiveness for us anymore
No one can heal the suffering
The Nightmare begins and we're in

There is no mercy for the good
We fall into the darkness - we're in Hell
Track Name: Saltatio Mortis
Track Name: The End
Down in the hole, buried in despair
Drowning in darkness, screaming for the light

Waiting at the gates of Hell
The end is just a step away
Waiting for eternal sleep...
...for the moment when the dream
Becomes the nightmare

Your time has come, you're nothing
Dream's over - burn in Hellfire
You see the end is coming
You hear the voice: “I came for you.
You're gonna die and you will rot in Hell!“

Black clouds descend, death rises from the pit
Enter the gate and your bones will turn to dust

All your sins will drag you down
The silent evil goes around
Your memories suffer in agony
Under the weight of your conscience

Your time has come, you're nothing
Dream's over - burn in Hellfire
You see the end is coming
You hear the voice: “I came for you“

I see you burning, bleeding, crying, falling

Bury your future deep in the hole
Forget your past and disappear
Everything's dying

I'm your light
I lead you out of this world
I feel your pain
I am here and I know your name
You see me suffering
You are here and you see it's killing me...
...but you're the one who dies
Because I'm your nightmare...
...And you will rot in Hell